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NJ Sharing Network is proud to partner with local, regional and national media to share the life-changing stories of donation and transplantation.

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We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions, provide subject matter experts and personal testimonies from individuals touched by donation and transplantation. We can also connect you with people in your community who can share inspiring real-life stories about organ and tissue donation.

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Posted on by Gary Imhoff

Fair Lawn’s Frank Piccininni Celebrates Son’s 20-Year Heart Transplant Anniversary by Running ‘Homemade’ Marathon to Raise Awareness and Funds to Support Organ and Tissue Donation

Frank Piccininni of Fair Lawn, NJ, recently ran his own ‘homemade’ 26.2-mile marathon in Bergen County to raise awareness and funds to support the Sharing Network Foundation and the Hearts for Emma Partner Fund. Family and friends of the Piccininni family came together to raise more than $4,600 in honor of Frank’s son Christopher Piccininni’s…

Posted on by Gary Imhoff

National Donor Sabbath

In November, we celebrated National Donor Sabbath with activities focused on educating faith-based communities about the critical need for organ and tissue donation, and the vital role faith plays in making the decision to register as a donor. Most major religions in the United States support donation as an unselfish act of charity. Several local…

Posted on by Gary Imhoff

On the Road Again

The popular NJ Sharing Network promotional van has hit the streets with a brand new design! Be sure to keep an eye out and honk (gently) if you see the van on the road for upcoming events.

Posted on by Gary Imhoff

Every Community Needs Heroes

NJ Sharing Network’s “Every Community Needs Heroes” communications campaign is giving a strong boost to outreach efforts with an inspiring message that conveys the importance of registering as an organ and tissue donor.