About Donation

About Donation

Every community needs heroes

Making the decision to donate life is a generous, heroic act. One organ and tissue donor can save 8 lives and enhance the lives of over 75 others.  Be a hero and register as a donor today. 

Our 2021 impact by the numbers


Organ donors. 
New Jersey families were more generous than ever! 


Organs transplanted
3rd highest year ever for saving lives! 


Tissue and eye gifts healed and enhanced quality of life

One tissue can enhance the lives of over 75 others. 

Your decision to register as an organ and tissue donor can save lives.  

Organ and tissue donation is one of the greatest gifts a person can give. For the families of organ and tissue donors, knowing that their loved one has left a lasting legacy of hope can provide comfort and healing. For transplant recipients and patients on the transplant waiting list, the gift of donation offers a second chance at life.

Be sure to share this decision with your family. Registering provides your family with clear guidance should something sudden and tragic occur. Your decision to save lives will be honored and cannot be changed by others.

How organ, tissue, and living donation works.

Explore the different ways you can become a donor and save and enhance lives. 

Get the facts! 

There are a lot of misconceptions around donation. The fact is that people of any age, race, background, ethnicity or health status can register as organ and tissue donors.