Donor Family & Recipient Correspondence

Writing to Transplant Recipients

Most recipients would love to know about their donor. In a letter or card, you can share the name and age of your loved one, talk about what they liked to do and what kind of person they were.

Here are some tips for writing your first letter:

  • Tell them why the decision was made to donate.
  • Wish them well on their recovery.
  • If you would like to hear from them, let them know. For example: “Dear Recipient, we would love to hear from you as it helps to know that some good came out of our tragedy.”
  • Download our Writing to Organ Transplant Recipients brochure for more advice. 
  • To keep identities protected, you may use first names, but please avoid including last names, addresses or phone numbers.

Some recipients may respond to your letter, and others may choose not to write at this time. This is their personal decision. Many recipients have said they feel overwhelmed and have difficulty expressing their gratitude in a letter.

Sending Your Letter

To protect the confidentiality of both the donor and recipient, all correspondence is initially facilitated through NJ Sharing Network. Once your letter is written, send it to the address below in an unsealed envelope. Include a separate sheet of paper with your full name and the name of your loved one. 

NJ Sharing Network
Family Services
691 Central Avenue
New Providence, NJ 07974

After the initial contact, you and your donor family may decide to contact each other directly or schedule a time to meet. Before releasing personal information, NJ Sharing Network requires both the donor family and recipient to sign release forms.

For more information, email Family Services or call (908) 516-5411.