Because of MatthewBecause of Matthew 

One day in 1998, I took a pregnancy test. I was not expecting to be pregnant, precautions were taken. Life always finds a way! Two months later during my routine ultrasound, twins!  My beautiful babies were born at 37 weeks, very healthy and strong. Mary at 6.13lbs and Matthew at 7lbs.

An uneventful year went by, if having twins and two older boys can be uneventful.

The morning of February 25, 2000 started as any other. My older sons, Michael and Johnny went to school. The twins did their morning “thing” and went for a nap.

Then the fire happened. 

My babies were upstairs sleeping. The smoke was so thick, I could not get to them. The firemen came and rescued the babies. Successful CPR was performed on both. They were rushed to the hospital. We knew how long Matthew was without oxygen, it was much longer than Mary (she is now a happy and healthy 20 year old). We prepared ourselves for the worst.

Always being an Organ Donor, I knew our course of action. My husband agreed. When the Sharing Network came to us, we knew our answer. At a mere 14 months old, Matthew gave the Gift of Life.

Because of Matthew, many others were saved with his Gift of Life.

Because of Matthew, a mother got to hold her baby with a strong beating heart.

Because of Matthew, 2 people can now see their precious loved ones again, with young corneas.

Because of Matthew, 2 people no longer rely on dialysis.

Because of Matthew, my father, who a few years after Matthew passed his gifts on, was in need of a heart transplant himself. He received his own Gift of Life.

Because of Matthew, I joined our local Fire/First Aid Department and became an EMT, so I could hold a grieving mothers hand in sympathy and understanding.

Because of Matthew, I am a great advocate of Organ Donation, so another mother can know her baby’s heart beats on.

Because of Matthew, I am now a Councilwoman in my town, so that I can continue to repay the town I love for the love it showed our family at a time of deep crisis. I would not have had the courage if it weren’t for Matthew and the courage and strength he still gives me.