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Wrapped in Love

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An integral part of NJ Sharing Network’s mission is to provide care during and after a donor family's experience. Our organization is looking for volunteers to knit or crochet beautiful shawls for families of organ and tissue donors. Through the Wrapped in Love program, donor families are honored with handmade shawls that are tangible expressions of comfort and compassion. In joining this program, volunteers are supporting and honoring families whose loved one generously gave the gift of life.

We recently received the following letter from a donor mom:

Dear Wrapped in Love, I want to thank you for your lovely gift of the handmade shawl on behalf of my loving son. God works in mysterious ways. I received the shawl on what would have been my 27th wedding anniversary. I was feeling sad that day, I had just sent up balloons to heaven when your package arrived. It was heartwarming and it reminded me that the spirit of my loved ones is still with me. Thank you again for such a thoughtful gift.” Wishing each of you a wonderful and happy holiday season and may all the good that you do find its way back to you!

Let's Package Some Shawls!

Join us at our monthly packaging meetings at our headquarters in New Providence, NJ. Volunteers label, package and send out shawls and lap blankets to donor families. Finished items are accepted year round and can be brought to meetings, dropped off at our Reception desk from 8:30am – 4:30pm or mailed to us at:

NJ Sharing Network
Attn: Lisa Colasurdo
691 Central Ave
New Providence, NJ 07974

Please see our Events calendar below for our next meeting.

Guidelines for colors and sizing of shawls (accepted for women) and lap blankets (accepted for men and women):

Colors – all colors and color combinations are acceptable – masculine colors are requested for lap blankets for men. Lap blankets and shawls for women can be any color or combination.

Shawls – adult size. We receive a wide variety of sizes and shapes and ask that the shawl is appropriately sized for an adult.

If you would like more specific measurements, the following is based on patterns as well as shawls that have been received for the program.

Some acceptable sizes for shawls are as follows:

60-70 inches for the length of the shawl (long side) for both rectangle and triangle shapes is an acceptable range.
For a triangle – 36-47 inches tall (measured from top to tallest point)
For a rectangle – 18 inches or longer for the width (short side)

Lap Blankets – also a wide variety is acceptable but at least as large as one of the size ranges below:

Lap blanket – 35” x 40”; 34” x 38”; 33” x 41”; and 36” x 42”
Lapghan pattern – 36” x 48”
Lap blanket from a Red Heart pattern – 32” X 48”

Yarn – if you need yarn, it is distributed at Packaging Meetings and Knit Night or you can make arrangements with me to pick up enough for a project.

Shawl and lap blanket drop-off / Yarn pick-up – If you are dropping off shawls and/or picking up yarn at our headquarters, please let me know and I will alert the Reception desk. Visitor entrance is at the front of the building and visitor parking is on the side.

Knit Night at NJ Sharing Network

Meetings for Knit Night are posted on our Events calendar below. Volunteers may bring their current projects and collaborate with other knitters and crocheters.


Upcoming Events

 Please check back soon for upcoming events!