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National Donor Sabbath

National Donor Sabbath 2021 

Observed annually in November, this initiative seeks to educate faith-based communities across the country about the critical need for organ and tissue donation, and the vital role their faith plays in making the decision to register as a donor.

Most religions support donation and view this gift as the ultimate act of charity and love. Leaders from churches, synagogues, mosques and other houses of worship are encouraged to share information with their members and bring much-needed attention to this important cause. 


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Join us for a celebration of National Donor Sabbath including inspirational stories and unique perspectives about organ and tissue donation from local faith leaders along with special music and dance performances from members of the faith community! Join the conversation and ask your questions LIVE on Facebook and YouTube



Ways to Celebrate National Donor Sabbath

Start the Conversation - Encourage your faith leaders and members of your congregation to talk with their families about registering as an organ donor.

Educate - Collaborate with your Faith Based Leader to request a speaker from NJ Sharing Network to present at your special event or service, and include information in your bulletin, newsletter and on your house of worship's website.

Host a Donor Registration Drive - Set up a table display at your house of worship before and after services to distribute educational materials and answer questions about organ and tissue donation. 

Get Social - Share our life-saving mission on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and ask congregants to follow us. Check out the graphics below to include in your posts. 

To request a speaker or additional materials, please contact E. Denise Peoples at or call 973-665-4687.  

Share our Faith-Based Education Videos

Rabbi Simon of Chabad of Bergen County in Teaneck has spent his life trying to inspire others to live better lives, and his own selfless actions have served as a shining example to others. He is one of only a handful of living donors to have ever donated both a kidney and a part of his liver to save the lives of two others.

“As a rabbi, I do a lot of talking about love, doing things for others and altruism,” said Rabbi Simon. “It’s something we all speak about, but how often do we have the opportunity to really set ourselves aside for another? This was my opportunity to do that, and I didn’t want to let it go.”


A Matter of Faith

Thank you to Gift of Life Michigan for sharing this video. 



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Printable Flyers and Stories of Hope

 National Donor Sabbath Flyer    National Donor Sabbath Flyer

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Stories of Organ and Tissue Donation

Gregory Snell (PDF)

Brianna Edler-Strand (PDF)


Faith Resources Guide
Our Faith Resources Guide contains information about organ and tissue donation to share within your faith community including facts and frequently asked questions, personal stories from faith leaders, religious views on donation, theological perspectives and sermon ideas.

Faith Resource Guide

God, Each Day You Give is Precious,
 a Hymn for Donor Families 
Church Bulletin Copy

Register as an Organ and Tissue Donor  

One donor can save 8 lives and restore health to over 75 others.
Registration takes less than one minute!

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Please share your decision with your family and friends so they know your wishes.

Saying “yes” is legal consent to the donation of your organs and tissue for transplantation and therapy. For those 18 years and older, your decision to donate cannot be revoked by anyone but you.