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The Role of a Medical Technologist

I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment knowing that because of my work, some of the most vulnerable individuals in society are able to plan for a future and live a more fulfilling life!

Valerie Eugene
Medical Technologist

Medical Technologists at NJ Sharing Network work in our fully accredited state-of-the-art laboratory performing important screening and matching tests on organ and tissue donors and recipients. These tests include specimen accession, specimen preparation, histocompatibility testing, crossmatching, HLA antibody screening and identification, ABO typing and RBC antibody screening and identification. 

Responsibilities of a Medical Technologist 

  • Performs HLA typing and crossmatching and antibody screening/ identification according to approved procedures, applies relevant theories of HLA typing, selects appropriate screening or crossmatch method, and interprets the results.  Identifies appropriate specimens for storage in the freezer at the conclusion of testing.
  • Performs immunohematology and other serology procedures consistent with accepted protocols.
  • Performs required computer data entry procedures according to Network and UNOS policies and procedures in order to reduce and normalize test results for the purposes of analysis and interpretation.
  • Performs specimen accession procedures according to laboratory protocol, establishes and implements policies to reject specimens when criteria of accessibility for testing are not met, and assesses quality of specimens submitted, requesting a new specimen if original is unacceptable.
  • Prepares specimens and reagents according to approved laboratory protocols and by developing and maintaining quality control procedures, developing and implementing corrective action when necessary.
  • Reads, understands and complies with Network and Laboratory policies and procedures, N.J. and N.Y. State Dept. of Health, CAP, ASHI, and UNOS regulations and standards.
  • Participates in twelve hours of approved continuing education activities per year in order to maintain current knowledge and skills in the field. Completes annual task authorization. Prepares for applicable certification.
  • Participates in the Quality Assurance program; participates in all proficiency testing surveys on a rotating basis.
  • Maintains equipment and facilities in a clean and orderly manner. Identifies and implements all necessary Network and Laboratory safety precautions, identifying potential hazards and implementing corrective measures.

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