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If you met Emma today, you would never suspect that she received a life-saving heart transplant at the age of 12. Today, she is thankfully able to enjoy life as any teenager does. Emma is graduating high school in June and will be going to an out-of-state university in September 2017. While she is involved with supporting many important causes, especially raising awareness of the need for organ, tissue and blood donation, Emma also enjoys playing volleyball, swimming in the ocean and spending time with family and friends. Founded by Emma's family, Hearts for Emma is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The Hearts for Emma Fund, a program of the NJ Sharing Network Foundation, was created to directly support the Hero Act through the production and distribution of educational materials and related programs teaching the importance of organ and tissue donation and transplantation.


1. Watch the video and read the Brochure. Download them below!

2. Register as an organ and tissue donor and discuss your decision with your family.

3. Attend a volunteer training. We provide volunteer hour certificates!

4. Start a Donate Life Club or host an awareness event. For additional resources click here or email us at .

The Impact of Education Materials

"You have the POWER to save lives” DVD and brochure reached tens of thousands of high school students throughout the academic year, raising awareness of the importance of organ and tissue donation. View the DVD and video below!

2015-2016 Academic Year:

    • Total Volunteer Hours: 402.5 (31% increase)
    • Total Unique Programs: 94 (56% increase)
    • Total New Schools Reached: 30
    • Total Schools Reached in 2015-2016 Academic Year: 64
    • Total Students Reached in 2015-2016 Academic Year:  18,973 (60% increase)

2016-2017 Academic Year (through April 7, 2017):

    • Total Students Reached: 21,406
    • Total New Schools Reached: 23
    • Total Schools Reached: 78

Only 35% of students had spoken to their family and friends about their perspective on organ and tissue donation prior to participating in the “You have the POWER to save lives” presentation. Following the "You have the POWER to save lives" presentation:

    • 78% plan to register as an organ and tissue donor
    • 82% pledged to speak to five others about organ and tissue donation
    • 95% of the students learned something new about organ and tissue donation

Projects Funded by Hearts for Emma

The "You have the POWER to save lives" video and brochure, designed specifically for high school students, are full of information and stories from organ and tissue recipients and donor family members. To request materials and learn more about educational programs for your school, contact education@njsharingnetwork.orgMake a contribution to the Hearts for Emma Fund.

Click on the materials below to download them and share with parents/guardians and friends!

You Have the Power Brochure - English You Have the Power Brochure - Spanish You Have the Power Brochure - Hindi



You Have the Power Brochure - Haitian Creole You Have the Power Brochure - Korean  



  #IGotThePower Awareness Card    #IGotThePower Awareness Card - Spanish  








Emma’s transplant makes it possible for her to enjoy her passion, volleyball.  Here she is on the court with her sister, Keri.