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Dear Friends and Partners,

It is exciting to see our NJ Sharing Network volunteers and partners getting out into our local communities for events and activities. Special thanks to everyone who joined us in person and virtually to honor, to remember and to give hope during our 5K Celebration of Life at our New Providence headquarters on Sept. 12! It was a beautiful day as we finally came together to reconnect and share the love that we have all missed during the last 18+ months.

These outreach efforts ramped up during National Minority Donor Awareness Month and will continue as we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 – Oct. 15). We come together to honor the generosity of multicultural organ and tissue donors and their families, and help save more lives by raising awareness in diverse communities about organ and tissue donation.

Here in New Jersey, 67% of those waiting for a life-saving transplant are people of color. Although donation and transplantation can take place between individuals from different racial or ethnic groups, successful transplantation is often enhanced by matching of organs between members of the same ethnic and racial group. Year round, we need your support of our #DonationNeedsDiversity awareness campaign. Visit for ways to get involved.

In November for National Donor Sabbath, we partner with local houses of worship and faith-based organizations to educate their congregations about the gift of life through organ and tissue donation. Your active participation will help educate others and dispel myths and misinformation about organ and tissue donation.

Thank you for continuing to give hope to the nearly 4,000 people in New Jersey that are staying strong as they wait for a life-saving transplant.