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Subject: New Metrics for Organ Procurement Organizations (OPOs) 

We want to bring to your attention that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is proposing new metrics to govern Organ Procurement Organizations (OPOs). These new metrics are concerning as they are not based on sound data and have the potential to close 75% of the OPOs in one year thus drastically impacting the donation and transplantation system that saves thousands of lives each year.

Please join our campaign in raising concern over these metrics.

Taking action is simple and your support can have a huge impact on organ donation in NJ and across the country. Our core purpose is to save and enhance lives. We wouldn't ask for your help if the need wasn't real and incredibly urgent.

What You Can Do:

  • Email your Member of Congress to communicate your concerns with the proposed metrics and request they contact HHS to raise these concerns. Click below to complete this interactive form to determine your local representatives and customize an email to share your connection with donation and the importance of this call to action.
  • For additional background on the issue, review the AOPO Metrics Talking Points.

If you have any questions regarding this urgent matter, please email me directly.

Your continued support is appreciated as we work together to save lives through donation and transplantation.