Linda J.S. Finnegan | Organ and Tissue Donor | Linda J.S. Finnegan of Stirling, NJ, was full of passion, love and joy. She dedicated her life to helping others recognize their unique potential. Linda taught Physical Education at St. Vincent de Paul School and was proud to be ACE Gold Certified for Group Aerobic Instruction. She founded Linda’s Just Stay Fit and developed the program “Girl Power” for the YMCA. Before her tragic accidental death in 2016, Linda was in the final phases of creating an intergenerational enrichment program, and she had recently earned her certification as a Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach. Linda’s legacy of selflessly caring for others now lives on! Her donated lungs, kidneys and liver saved the lives of several people in need of transplants. Linda also enhanced the lives of 75 people as a tissue and cornea donor.

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