Cynthia Von Schmidt | Organ and Tissue Donor | Cynthia (Cindy) Von Schmidt of New Egypt, NJ, passed away in February 2016 of a brain aneurysm. Her husband, two children and loved ones will always remember her as “the most generous woman who always did everything that she could to offer her hand to those who needed it most.” Besides caring for her family and helping others, Cindy was an avid skier, a beach lover, and, most of all, a baker. Cindy would spend months baking Christmas cookies for family and friends. She would also decorate and ship them all over the world – from the mountains of California to our U.S. military bases around the globe! Cindy also organized donation drives and fundraisers for families in crisis and helped rescue dogs. As an organ and tissue donor, Cindy gave the ultimate gift – saving four lives and enhancing the lives of many others.

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