Basil Vorolieff | Transplant Recipient | Basil Vorolieff’s life-saving liver transplant in 2019 changed his perspective on life, and he has dedicated much of his time to helping others. Although Basil, a resident of of Hawthorne, has shared his story with individuals and groups countless times, he still gets emotional talking about his experience. “I think everyone wants to do something that’s heroic in their lifetime,” said Basil. “What would be more heroic than becoming an organ donor and making your last act on earth saving a life?” Basil is also well-recognized in our transplant community for competing in the Transplant Games, winning several medals in darts, golf and corn hole. Basil sent one of his medals to his donor family as a symbol of his gratitude. This helped establish a strong connection and Basil has even met the husband of his liver donor.

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