Brian Glennon | Living Donor | Brian Glennon of Caldwell, NJ, made an altruistic living kidney donation that helped Saint Barnabas Medical Center kick off the longest single-hospital kidney transplant chain in the nation that has touched the lives of 64 people (32 recipients and 32 donors). Brian’s selfless decision to make an anonymous donation saved the life of Hayley Tsia of Marlboro, NJ, whose kidney function was severely compromised by lupus, and her daughter, Jocelyn was not a match to her mom. Jocelyn continued the paired exchange chain by donating her healthy kidney to a stranger. Although many altruistic living donors never get to meet their recipients, Brian, Hayley and Jocelyn came together for the first time on NBC’s Today Show, and their donation chain has garnered international media attention. “With living donation, I think the beauty of it is that it not only benefits the organ recipient, but it benefits the organ donor. My life feels more complete,” said Brian.

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