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NJ Sharing Network now offers high school teachers in New Jersey a comprehensive program to teach students about the importance and benefits of organ and tissue donation. The High School Program provides students with the knowledge, skills, and resources to make an informed decision about donation and encourages them to share this information with family, friends, fellow students, and the larger community.

High School Program was carefully designed to help schools meet the new core content curriculum standards mandated by the New Jersey Hero Act. This legislation requires every public high school in New Jersey to include information about organ and tissue donation in the health and physical education curriculum.

If you are interested in educational programs, speakers, or materials for your high school, please email our staff.

"Live From" Surgery Program at Liberty Science Center

What if your students could visit an operating room, peer over the shoulders of Operating Room (OR) staff, and talk to them during surgery? They’d remember the experience forever and many of them would consider careers in health care or biotech fields.

In the Interactive Theater at Liberty Science Center, students have the extraordinary experience of observing, speaking with, and learning directly from NJ Sharing Network partner physicians and hospitals during a living donor kidney transplant and a deceased donor heart transplant.

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With the enactment of the Hero Act, New Jersey has become the first state to advocate that its residents have the fundamental responsibility to choose whether to help save another person’s life.

The Hero Act was signed into law by Acting Governor Richard J. Codey on July 22, 2008 and includes the following measures designed to create a more dynamic, comprehensive framework regarding organ and tissue donation, one with mandated educational and decisional components:

  • Beginning with the 2009-2010 school year, each public institution of higher education in the state will be required to provide information to its students, either through student health services or as part of the curriculum.
  • The curriculum in each college of medicine in New Jersey will include instruction on organ and tissue donation and recovery that will be required as a condition of receiving a diploma.
  • The curriculum in each educational program of professional nursing in the state will include instruction in organ and tissue donation and recovery that will be required as a condition of receiving a degree or diploma.

The health and wellness of New Jersey’s residents depends on critically important legislation like the Hero Act that emphasizes the fundamental responsibility of individuals to take appropriate action, when able to do so, to help save another person’s life.

College Outreach Campaign

NJ Sharing Network is in the development stages of a College Outreach Campaign in an effort to raise awareness for organ and tissue donation on college campuses. Campaign goals include raising awareness, conversation and funding for organ and tissue donation, and increasing the number of donor registrations in New Jersey. We provide educators with various tools and resources to support participation in this campaign, offering speakers, educational materials and other resources to supplement curriculum.

To learn more about the College Outreach Campaign or to request a speaker and materials, please email our staff.