Cycling Team


Come Ride with Team NJ Sharing Network!

Team leaders will be in touch with team members regarding various rides throughout the season.

Interested in joining our cycling team? Visit our Facebook group for information, upcoming rides and more!

You can also contact co-captain Michele Dabal (973) 769-8749. 

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Rider’s Pledge and Code of Conduct: 

As a participant on NJ Sharing Network’s Cycling Team, you pledge: 

  • To be respectful and courteous to everyone in the host communities through which we travel.
  • To obey all traffic laws and traffic signals as applicable under NJ Title 39
  • To abide by the guidelines of the New Jersey Bicycling Manual published by the New Jersey Department of Transportation.
  • To respect the environment, properly dispose of all litter, and only use designated bathroom and rest stop facilities.
  • To cooperate with all ride officials, volunteer staff, and police and government officials.

You understand that failure to abide by these guidelines may result in your immediate expulsion from the NJSN Team and your participation in all future cycling events.